Cortelyou Road Bridge Reconstruction

Nab recently completed reconstruction of the Cortelyou Road Bridge which passes directly over NYC Transit's Cortelyou Road Station. The need to keep the Cortelyou Road Station accessible to the general public throughout the reconstruction made it particularly challenging. The scope of work required the demolition of the existing bridge superstructure to be done in stages. While existing floor beams and thru-girders remained, concrete deck and encasement, steel stringers, and sidewalks were replaced.

Co-op City

When shifting and settling of the unstable hydraulic fill under Co-op City caused the original pipe to deteriorate, the owners engaged Nab to replace the underground dual temperature/high temperature hot water, domestic hot water, and electrical duct bank systems that run from the town’s central boiler plant to its 25 high-rise apartment buildings and 28 townhouses. We installed 100,000 linear feet of dual-walled underground conduit carrier pipe, from 3/4” to 30” diameter, and another 30,000 feet to bring the pipe out of the ground and into the buildings.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

As general contractor, Nab Construction's scope of work included the rehabilitation of the protection system of the main suspension cables of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and related work in the anchorages. Also included was the replacement of cable exterior protective system, the wrapping of wire, the protective paste and exterior coating, introduction of inhibitive oils into the cables and other improvements to cable hardware.

Grand Central Terminal

For the historic restoration of Grand Central Terminal’s 80,000-square-foot mansard copper roof, Nab fully utilized its expertise in both landmark restoration and roof renovation.
The roof repair consisted of stripping off numerous layers of asphalt and paint that had been applied over many years. Workers used a high-pressure water-blasting system to peel layers away rapidly without damaging the six-foot-high decorative band and ornaments that grace the beaux-arts-style landmark.
To prepare the roof for reconstruction, workers removed the 700-foot-long elaborate copper frieze in sections. Workers then intricately resoldered holes, waterproofed each segment and applied copper sheeting onto the frieze before reattaching it to a new armature.