Jacob Javits Center

The “crystal palace” entry to the Javits Center, a startling design by I. M. Pei, has for its glass roof one of the largest skylight complexes in the US. Four thousand glass panes, of many different sizes and shapes, were each individually mounted 185 feet above the Center floor. The size and design of the building – a cluster of twelve 90 x 90-foot towers – made access and installation particularly challenging. To preclude unforeseen problems in construction and in use, Nab built a full-size partial mock up of the building to test its strength and weather resistance.

Yankee Stadium

The New York City Department of Parks selected Nab as General Contractor for the renovation of Yankee Stadium. The reconstruction included excavating and pouring a foundation and concrete work for the new foundation, lower stands and ramps. Nab also performed roof and floor decking; installation of siding, railings and seats; and interior and exterior finishings; as well as sod and field work. Nab’s iron workers fabricated in our shop the aluminum railings, ramps, canopy roofs and the copper-cladded metal frame that holds the scoreboard.

Rikers Island Correctional Facility

To expand the George R. Vierno Center at Rikers Island Correctional Facility, Nab was selected to construct a four-story structure that accommodates 300 inmate cells and a three-story structure that houses 200 inmate cells. Nab was also responsible for constructing laundry facilities on each floor of both additions and a large kitchen facility in the three-story building.