Huntington Resource Recovery Plant

The Huntington Resource Recovery Plant converts up to 750 tons of solid waste per day into 25 MW of salable energy. As General Contractor, Nab was responsible for site, civil, structural and architectural work to build the massive new plant on a 13-acre site.

North River Sewage Treatment Plant

North River treats up to 340 million gallons per day of raw sewage. In multiple prime contracts (in joint venture) totaling nearly $100,000,000, Nab constructed the Secondary Treatment Plant and installed the process mechanical equipment, sludge pumps and piping.

Owls Head Sewage Treatment Plant

In two prime contracts, Nab changed every major piece of equipment at Owls Head without once interrupting service. The project was particularly exacting because we could not pretest equipment, piping, or seals, and because the need to remove existing equipment before installing the new left us with no allowance for problems. Nab met these challenges. The entire plant worked perfectly from the start.